Jotwell is taking an abbreviated summer break of just a week. (As an experiment, instead of a two-week break now, we may take a week off for Spring Break in 2022.) We’ll be back on Monday, August 30. However, even while we’re on break, we’ll be accepting submissions, editing them, and updating various technical parts of the site.

Now that you know how much you miss us, this is good time to ask you to please help support Jotwell; your donation, however small, helps demonstrate the breadth of support for the enterprise.

If you like Jotwell, share — help us find more readers. Tell a friend about Jotwell. And if you are an academic reader, please consider recommending Jotwell to your students. We have a Jotwell Orientation Flyer for students that you can print out and post, or perhaps even hand out at Orientation.

See you in a week, when we start the new academic year.

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