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We don’t charge for JOTWELL and we don’t run any ads, but producing this journal is not costless. Although all of the authors and faculty editors donate their time, we do need to pay for our server, for various types of technical and design support, and for our student editors. This adds up.

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If every JOTWELL reader donated just $10 a year, we’d cover all of our costs. Of course, not everyone is a generous as you are, so please won’t you consider making a small gift, whether one-time or recurring, to help keep JOTWELL free (and ad-free).

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2015 Fund Drive Donors

Kenneth S. Abraham
Karen L. Abrams
Larry Alexander
Gerry W. Beyer
Francesca E. Bignami
Bennett Capers
Jessica Clarke
James Donovan
David F. Engstrom
James E. Fleming
Erik F. Gerding
Susan Grover
Woodrow N. Hartzog
Allison K. Hoffman
Chris J. Hoofnagle
William Hubbard
Julia Hughes
Isabel V. Hull
Lily Kahng
Anil Kalhan
Edward Kleinbard
Donald J. Kochan
Kathryn E. Kovacs
Anna Laakmann
Mark A. Lemley
Yvette J. Liebesman
Daniel Monk
Alexandra Natapoff
Douglas NeJaime
Michael Pardo
Nicole Porter
John F. Preis
Margaret J. Radin
William Sage
Joanna Schwartz
Peter M. Shane
Jacob S. Sherkow
David Sherwyn
Clyde Spillenger
Kevin M. Stack
Katherine Strandburg
Rebecca L. Tushnet
Jonathan T. Weinberg
David Zaring
Jonathan L. Zittrain

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